reinforced corrugated fiberboard toys


corrugated cardboard toys expensive?

I guess you might think it’s expensive in spite of the corrugated cardboard. But it’s not a common corrugated cardboard. This reinforced corrugated fibreboard is as strong as wood. The strength is very different from a common corrugated cardboard. It’s not broken if you use a several years. So the price of it is different from a common corrugated cardboard. Also, the weight is 1/3 to about 1/4 compared with a tree. Since weight is light, a child can also lift a small chair and ride-on toy easily.



special features

We use a reinforced corrugated fibreboard called HIPLE-ACE.

HIPLE-ACE is used for heavy cargo instead of wooden packing boxes, and it’s high intensive and good for weather resistance.

So it’s used in a strict environment like under the harsh temperature and humidity.

more expensive than wooden toy?

The price of TSUCHINOCO products are almost same as wooden toy or more expensive than that.But a lot of wooden toys are mode of wood which is cheap and brought from Southeast Asia.

Every year, forest resources which size is almost same as Shikoku is lost.So it’s a important thing not to buy a wooden toy to save the earth.



It's recyclable!

Did you think it’s expensive for kids? We are very sorry that it’s more expensive than plastic toys. But kid’s toys are used for a few years.A lot of toys made from oil resources become garbage in 3 years.We thought it’s not good and developed “TSUCHINOCO”. After finish using it, we can recycle the reinforced corrugated fibreboard. It’s not an oil and doesn’t reduce the forest.

We suggest a wise way for the earth with TSUCHINOCO